Review of ‘Chain of Gold’

Cassandra Claire does it again with Chain of Gold, delivering a diverse cast, action-packed sequences, and budding romances that capture the reader’s heart.

Chain of Gold follows a range of casts, beginning with the children of Will and Tessa Herondale, exploring new characters and new magic.

Excellent Storytelling

I absolutely loved this book. One of the things I can say is that Clare’s writing has grown since City of Bones. Her storytelling has improved and flows effortlessly from the beginning.

In the Victorian Era, in the early 1900s, we follow the ever-brilliant Cordelia Carstairs and the famed blade Cortana as she navigates London. Her family is on the brink of ruins, her brother is a bit of a prick, and her love for James Herondale goes unrequited.

Or so she thinks.

Many masterful elements are at play here, layers to the story that keeps the reader guessing. Who is the villain? What is the magic behind Lucie and James’s individual gifts? One can turn to shadow and enter another realm, while the other can communicate and control ghosts? And what exactly is Grace Blackthorn up to? Is she a victim of circumstance or a villain?

The way Clare builds up the story’s momentum while keeping the reader guessing makes Chain of Gold so interesting.

Love the Characters

But, of course, the characters are unforgettable.

Each character is flawed so perfectly. They all have to contend with different secrets that they don’t share with anyone else. For example, Cordelia is of Persian descent, so her darker skin makes her a bit of an outcast in Victorian Society. The same with her brother. The way the LGBTQ characters are built up is done so wonderfully. They have to challenge society or live in the shadows. But what good is love if it’s hidden?

They deal with grief, anger, alcoholism, and many other elements that give the characters so much depth.

Then there are those romance scenes.

Those scenes, the tension, the steamy aspect of them, because the characters are so realistic and multifaceted, the reader becomes invested, even a little frustrated when things don’t go according to plan.

Final Thoughts

Chain of Gold is captivating from beginning to end, full of action, romance, and strong character development. This book is a star.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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