5 Shows Cancelled To Early that Deserve a Comic Book Continuation

So many great shows are cancelled by networks due to low ratings. But some of them don’t get the solid closing that they deserve leaving viewers to come to grips with the great cliffhangers these shows offer us. But some shows get a comic book series continuation, shows like Firefly and Charmed for example. Here are five shows that were great as far as writing, special effects and casting that deserve a comic book continuation.

Monday Night TV (26 Mar 2012)

Very good season finale.  I loved it!!!  No questions were answered though but that’s half the fun for me, well that’s not totally true, some questions were answered, Lucy is back and more questions were asked.  I love these types of shows that know how to structurally create tension as well as suspense!  Ah I love it.  And oh my god!  That ending?  That cannot be how it ended.  I’m not spoiling you, you folks need to watch it.  Cliffhangers suck, I’m []

Monday Night TV (19 Mar 2012)

Clearly there was a lot of research put into this show about the inmates of Alcatraz which just makes this show even more powerful than it would be otherwise.  They gave personalities and stories, real stories to these inmates and were able to project them onto the screen in a realistic manner that really makes this show good.  I absolutely love it, I love the time traveling aspect of it and I love the thrill that is in every episode as well []

Monday Night TV (12 Mar 2012)

Wicked good episode.  I liked how we were presented with an inmate who was innocent and then who was turned into a killer, and not by abuse of the inmates himself, by the system, by scientific testing which helps us, the audience, get a sort of understanding of what went on there.  Very creative and ingenious, loved it.  The acting is great and the chemistry between the actors is also believable.  I like this show a lot, I love the story telling, []

Monday Night TV (5 Mar 2012)

2 hours of mystery and awesome thriller.  I love this show.  I love how the writers how the writers are able to give live to actual people and give thus give this story and show life.  I also love all the subtly presented in this show.  I mean I love it.  Chemistry and acting are also great.  Love it a lot.  No complaints about this show.  Mondays @ 9PM EST on FOX.

Monday Night TV (20 Feb 2012)

Great episode.  I still have to say that I like the concept behind this show.   This was a very interesting episode.  Once again there was more depth into the villains and who they were and why they did the things that they did.  Character development, my favorite part of the show.  I mean I love the design and the way it goes back and forth between the past and the present.  It gives the show more opportunities to expand with what happened []

Monday Night TV [cont] (13 Feb 2012)

Great episode.  I kind of loved how they ended this one differently than the others and OMG I loved the comic book references even more.  Does that surprise you?  It shouldn’t cause I am a major comic book geek.  In any case I loved this episode.  It was well thought out story wise and I liked how me got to see more into Sam Neill’s character, Houser as well as his strong connection with Lucille Banerjee aka Lucille Sengupta.  Like I said, []

Monday Night TV (6 Fed 2012)

Lemon needs to eat something, at least the actress that plays her needs to eat something.  Anyway it was a great episode, I really thought that Wade was going to confess his feelings to Zoe,  but no, he played with her, totally psyched her out.  Anyway it was a good episode, I really liked it.  The ending though, whoa, poor Lavon man, I hope that this does not ruin his new relationship and finally, Lemon told her fiancé everything…well except that she []

Monday Night TV (30 Jan 2012)

I love Sam Neill.  He is such a brilliant actor, he can change his skin to fit his character in such a believable way.  Once again I must applaud the concept behind this show.  It’s both original and exhilarating.  I really like it.  I also love the flashbacks because they give us insights into who the criminals are.  I really like this show.  J. J. Abrams is awesome!  The pace of this show is so fast, when an hour past I had []

Monday Night TV (23 Jan 2012)

Good episode.  I mean sometimes, I felt like the writing was dry on Castle’s part.  It was kind of lame.  I was however pleased to note that Alexis’s character had some minor development in this episode.  I want to stress minor very much.  Her character has just become too 2 dimensional that there isn’t much for me to enjoy on her part.  She’s just ordinary, very ordinary and the way they write her, ugh, she annoys me to no end.  Over all []