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Week 35 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Book Reviews

Hello there avid readers. Admittedly, these are not the best reviews I have ever written but what are usually my late night to type have taken a turn to replay Final Fantasy X-2. I’m a sucker for that game and I really want that 100%. I’m at 97% right now so lets hope that I achieve that perfect ending. But you’re not here for that. You’re here to see what I have covered. First up is Justice League United #4, followed by Aquaman #34 and then Star Wars: Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir #4. Happy reading!

Week 30 2014 | Part 3 | Comic Reviews

Concluding this week outside of DC to delve into Star Wars and the Marvel Universe. They’re not one unit yet! First up is Original Sin #6 that brings readers a despicable Nick Fury, sacrificing story and plot to do so followed by Star Wars: Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir #3 that allies Count Dooku and Maul against the Jedi Forces. Happy Friday all! Hope you all have a great weekend. Don’t forget, Guardians of the Galaxy opens today. It was awesome!

Week 44 2012

Aquaman #13 The Others: Finale This is a great comic. Was it a little cheesy, well yeah, but it was cheesy in a good way. We got to see that they, the Others finally see that Aquaman did in fact change and for the better, they finally got to see that. That bothered me that they could be so blind about him, thinking he was just as bad as he was before, bent only on revenge. Other than that I loved this []

Week 41 2012 Pt. 2

Superboy #13 Law & Disorder I really want a change in the artwork here, I mean really, please, can we have a change in the artwork. That is the only real problem that I am having with this comic as of this moment. Otherwise, I love it. I mean it’s a good comic, I wouldn’t say great but the writer does built a lot of characterization in this comic and there is a lot to say about it. The writing has just []

Weeks 39 & 40 Pt. 2

Teen Titans #0 Red Robin I know I say this a lot, but I love Tim Drake.  This story has given him a lot of depth to his character and a strong bond to to Batman.  I mean that was just amazing.  The story development and how it flowed could have been a little more structured, I mean it felt a little jumpy but over all it was a great comic and I loved it.  This Teen Titans is way better than []

Weeks 30 & 31 Pt. 1

Star Wars: Darth Maul #1 Death Sentence Part 1 (of 4) Not even he can stay dead.  This is kinda outlandish, not gonna lie, but it’s not like Dark Horse hasn’t done this before with the Star Wars comics.  Darth Maul is very much alive and he has a brother to boot.  Anyway, as far as writing goes it was very well done, story though is kind of ridiculous, I mean he survived being cut in half.  I just find that completely []