Strong Heart Unaired Cut: G-Dragon talks about T.O.P’s "Fantastic Body" [NEWS]

T.O.P & G-Dragon

“I still can’t forget about what happened that day. During GD&TOP’s promo activities, we attended MAMA in Macau and the hotel room that we stayed in was a suite room. The room was very big with 2 beds next to each other. It was GD&TOP’s debut stage and after we finished performing, everyone was really excited so we all went to the after party. We drank a lot of alcohol there and when the party ended, we went back up to our room to rest.

Seunghyun hyung casually started taking off his clothes while shouting, “Ah it’s hot!” and went to bed. I slept for awhile but was woken up by a sound so I turned my body the other way to check. I don’t think it’s such a big deal to look at another man in my situation.

Since the beds were so close to each other, I saw Seunghyun hyung’s bed when I turned over. A drunk Seunghyun hyung was sitting on his bed. I couldn’t see his lower body but he was TOPLESS! (Since I was laying down) my line of vision was slanted, but I can’t forget that time. During our promo period, TOP-ssi’s hair was white and he wasn’t wearing anything on top so he looked like the Statue of David from where I was located!! I don’t know what happened to him (probably because he was drunk), but he had a painful expression on his face.

When I think back, I can’t help but exclaim “Wow, fantastic body!”

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