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Tag: Delacorte Press

Book of the Month Poll – November 2019

New month means new selection of books for the book of the month title. Vote here for your favorite.

Book of the Month Poll – July 2016

Hey there avid readers and book lovers, another month means another book of the month poll where you get to vote on what novel you believe should be the book of the month for July.

The Captivating Finale of the Fallen Series | Review of Rapture (Fallen, #4)

The final novel in the Fallen Series by Lauren Kate. Rapture continues to tell the story of Lucinda and Daniel, two lovers caught in an affair that has tortured them through the centuries. This novel concludes this story, revealing the secrets behind the curse that has haunted them forever. Read here for the full review.

Time changes all | Cyn’s Book Review of Passion (Fallen, #3)

The third novel in the Fallen series, Passion finally brings back the spark that was lacking in Torment (Fallen, #2).

Picking up where the last book left off, Lucida is traveling through Announcers, shadows that watch and capture life-like a camera. However, for Lucinda, they serve as portals through time. Her goal: to discover the ins and outs of the curse that keeps her from Daniel and life.