Um….Meh | Review of ‘Hunted’ (Sinners #2)

Expanding on the idea of a society monitored and imprisoned by whichever of the seven deadly sins they have committed, the premise falls short of its predecessor. Continue reading Um….Meh | Review of ‘Hunted’ (Sinners #2)

Book of the Month Poll – March 2017

By Cynthia Ayala

Hey there voters, readers, and writers! Another month means it’s time for another Book of the Month Poll where you vote for your favorite upcoming book, author, or cover (because let’s face it, the cover really is a strong selling point). So check out this month’s list of titles and vote for your favorite. If there is a novel you think should be on the list leave a vote for that novel in the comments section. Remember, you can vote here on Pollcaster and the winner will get a featured book review here on my website. Happy voting!
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