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Cho Sung Ha praises T.O.P. for his diligent attitude on the set of ‘Alumni’


Actor Cho Sung Ha recently praised Big Bang‘s T.O.P. for his hard-working attitude on set.

In response to questions about T.O.P, Cho Sung Ha, who recently met up with OSEN for an interview. stated, “On set, [T.O.P.] works with fire lit in his eyes.”

The actor, who is T.O.P.’s co-star in the upcoming movie ‘Alumni‘ continued, “He is well-mannered and works really hard. He takes filming seriously and is pouring his passion into the film.”

When asked to evaluate Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P.) as a fellow actor he stated, “Because he is still new to acting, it is too early to assess what kind of ‘techniques’ he possesses as an actor or if he possesses outstanding acting skills. However, he is approaching [acting] earnestly, without losing sight of his original, pure intentions.”

Meanwhile, ‘Alumni’ is a film about the son of a North Korean spy who accepts an offer to become an assassin in order to save the life of his younger sister.

Source + Image: OSEN & Big Bang Updates


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