Maggie Grace Confirmed For Taken 3 –

By: Sean O’Connell A flustered Bruce Willis, running around in Die Hard 2, recognizes the ludicrousness of this given situation – having to deal with lethal terrorists once again – and mutters, “How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?” Don’t the actors responsible for the ongoing Taken series feel the same way by now[…] Read full article here: Continue reading Maggie Grace Confirmed For Taken 3 –

Taken 3 Is Happening, According To A Producer

By: Eric EIsenberg Taken 2 cost only $45 million to make and in just four days has already made a domestic total of $55 million (not to mention its international take of $67 million). Therefore, this news should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody. had the opportunity to speak with producer Robert Mark Kamen, who produced both Taken and Taken 2, and he … Continue reading Taken 3 Is Happening, According To A Producer


This was an okay movie.  I mean they had me going through the entire movie, it was such a thriller, I kept asking myself “what’s going to happen next?”  I was on the edge of my seat.  It was a good but the ending was a super disappointment.  I mean there was so much that could have happened.  There was so much build up and … Continue reading Gone