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Tag: Marie Lu

Book of the Month Poll – October 2019

New month means new selection of books for the book of the month title. Vote here for your favorite.


Weekly Reading List #66

Finished the latest book on your To-Read list? Can’t decide what to read next? Check out these titles and see if they tickle your fancy.

Hot October Reads – Undergraduate Students for Publishing

October is the month I’m always looking forward to because it’s Halloween, which is by far my favorite holiday. Of course there’s more to it, something that makes every month special: book releases! Who doesn’t love the smell of new books as they linger on the bookshelves, or that final book in the series one has been dying to read? It’s a little present for avid readers who live by the written word, and this month is no different from any other.

Weekly Reading List #33

Can’t decide what to read next? Seen a cover in the bookstore and wondered if you should give the book a shot? Check out these titles and see if they perk your interest. Happy reading and Happy Valentines Day!

Weekly Reading List #32

Can’t decide what to read next? Wondering what book to add to your reading list? Check out these suggestions.