Game-streaming-enabled Toshiba TVs shipping Q1 2014

By: Emanuel Maiberg PlayStation Now wasn’t the only game-streaming service exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014. Toshiba also announced that in the first quarter of 2014 it will ship a new line of smart TVs that can stream games using the GameNow service. The Toshiba L7400U, L5400U, and L3400U models all come with GameNow installed, in addition to other apps that are popular on Smart TVs like YouTube, Netflix and Pandora. At the moment, GameNow has deals in place to stream []

Why Nintendo TVii missed Wii U launch

By: Eddie Makuch Nintendo‘s new Wii U console launched today in the United States without one of its more novel features: Nintendo TVii. The Mario maker told GameSpot last night at the Wii U launch event in New York City that the streaming service’s delay to December was borne of a desire to make it “absolutely perfect.” “Well, I think everybody who knows Nintendo, knows that Nintendo wants everything to be the absolute best that it can,” Nintendo director of product marketing Bill Trinen said. “Obviously, []