Bethesda defends day-one DLC

By: Eddie Makuch Elder Scrolls and Fallout publisher Bethesda has spoken out in defense of day-one downloadable content. Marketing vice president Pete Hines told Official Xbox Magazine that the negative sentiment surrounding day-one DLC stems from some gamers simply not understanding the timetable of the development process. “I don’t think [gamers] quite understand the development process and the point at which you have to stop … Continue reading Bethesda defends day-one DLC

Mirror’s Edge 2 in production, claims Swedish dev

By: Eddie Makuch Rumors of Mirror’s Edge 2 have been swirling for years, but according to ngmoco’s Ben Cousins, the game is no rumor, but in fact a reality. The Swedish developer and former Electronic Arts employee said over Twitter today that it is “general knowledge” in the Stockholm, Sweden (where DICE is located) development scene that the free-running sequel is in production. An EA representative was not immediately … Continue reading Mirror’s Edge 2 in production, claims Swedish dev