Expertly Told Story of Love, Lies, and the Danger Within | Review of ‘Lies You Never Told Me’

An exceptional story that tells two very different tales dealing with toxic relationships in two powerful voices that are sure to grip the reader.

The Awkward Moment | Movie Review

By: Cynthia A. Directed by: Tom Gormican  Written by: Tom Gormican Starring: Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots, Mackenzie Davis & Jessica Lucas After their friend Mikey’s break-up, Jason and Daniel promise to stay single with him. They both end up falling in love and have to avoid facing their promise. That Awkward Moment is not your typical date movie.  If anything, the more is more like an ingenious and hilarious bromance flick. When one their other friends marriages []

Friday Night TV (5 Apr 2013)

I love how the lawyer looks like the Lucifer with the horns and goat-ish appearance.  That in and of itself was great detail and I loved it.  Over all the detail that was put into this show was great. I love the acting and Sergeant Wu (Reggie Lee), I love him.  His character, however small, really does bring a lot to the table.  He doesn’t know whats really going on making him clueless, except he’s not really clueless and the last episode []

Monday Night TV (11 Feb 2013)

This was a very interesting take on the episode.  It allowed us viewers to get to see more inside of Bones and her beliefs.  It was also cool to see her beliefs being questioned.  It was a very good episode all in all.  The whole plot was definitely well written and developed well.  Over all, it wasn’t predictable and the whole ice/blood bullet and how it worked seemed a little cheesy and out there, but over all, it was pretty great because []

Tuesday Night TV (22 Jan 2013)

I am so glad that Wade and Zoe are dating now.  I mean they are cute together, and even though I hate George’s mother, I was happy with the revelation of the relationship, the standing and who truly cares for whom more.  It really was a good establishing episode.  Lemon’s character who was growing quite a bit, took two huge steps back with her reaction towards her dad and Shelby dating.  I mean the girl makes her father happy and I like []

Wonder Girls’ Sunye: “I’m Not Pregnant”

    By: halves in unison Today marks a turning point in the world of K-Pop, specifically in the idol world. If you haven’t heard already, Wonder Girls’ Sunye announced her marriage and squashed rumors that Wonder Girls’ will break up and instead, will continue performing. Sadly, she has to deny another rumor that’s starting to circulate: is she getting married so early because she’s pregnant? An official from JYP Entertainment commented, “The rumors of Sunye speeding up her wedding because of []

Sunday Night TV (30 Sept 2012)

OMG! SO MANY FEELS!!  I realize how inarticulate that sounds but this show, she episode, it had me screaming so many times!  I was so excited, I mean I was just enthralled.  We got to see Mulan, who by the way is amazing, I loved her!  I loved this episode!  Who is Whale?  Regina is awesome, and I want more Neverland and Wonderland in this season please and thank you.  I am so excited for this show.  The writing, the acting, the []

Week 38 2012 Pt. 1

Birds of Prey #0 First Flight A very good issue.  I loved the origin of how everything started.  I absolutely loved it.  It was an unexpected and very well structured twist.  I like how it hinted that Canary got the name via The Penguin, very good, both sly and clever.  Absolutely loved the way that was thrown in there.  Starlings beginnings were also very interesting, I hadn’t expected that to be quite honest.  However, I know that Starling, Black Canary and Batgirl []

My Love Life–Because I’m Random

I know, who really wants to hear about my love life?  No one, besides, nothing to tell, as of right now, it is nonexistent.  Yup, non-existent.  My boyfriend (on-and-off 6 years) ended things.  Does it hurt?  Well yeah, I mean we didn’t completely cut each other out of each others lives.   That didn’t happen.  He’s my best friend.  I was just having doubts.  You those doubts of whether or not I was with him for the right reasons.  Was I with him []