‘Shadowhunters’ Posters Have Arrived!

By Cynthia Ayala

Hey there TMI fans! The ABC Family/Freeform premiere of Shadowhunters is fast approaching, only two months away. Woo! Well, lets hope that the series itself is good. Trying not to get my expectations to high for the series. Continue reading “‘Shadowhunters’ Posters Have Arrived!”

Shadowhunters Is Here…And It’s Not Impressing

By Cynthia Ayala

I know that the movie didn’t get a lot of great reviews or even make back it’s bank, but at least it stayed true to the novel – for the most part – and at least the acting was solid.

I have recently just been graced(?) with a seeing the trailer of the upcoming ABCFamily television show. They didn’t ruin Pretty Little Liars, the first season, so I didn’t lower my expectations.

I should have. Continue reading “Shadowhunters Is Here…And It’s Not Impressing”