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Infinite’s Kim Sung Kyu Releases Solo Debut MV “60 Seconds”

By: Sylphid Infinite‘s leader Kim Sung Kyu has revealed his debut solo music video for “60 Seconds” today. The song is the title track of his first solo album “Another Me,” which will be released this week. Composed by Sweet Tune, the song is about being able to fall in love and also break up within sixty seconds. In the music video, fellow Infinite member L plays the lead role. Along with the title track “60 Seconds,” other songs included are “Another Me,” “I Need You,” Only Tears (acoustic version)”, “Shine” and “41 []

G-Dragon Personally Provides Teasers to Upcoming Album MV

Usually YG Entertainment takes care of promotions when its artists are about to make a comeback, but Big Bang’s G-Dragon is switching things up a bit and instead doing a little bit of self-promotion for his upcoming solo album. During the period of three days from August 11 to 13, G-Dragon took to his Twitter to upload small teasers of his upcoming solo album. These teasers included photos of various things that happened on the set of his new music video set. []

2nd solo album of G-Dragon is scheduled to be released in this August [NEWS]

Leader of five-membered idol group, BIG BANG, will be set to release a solo album this coming August. According to news stated by the representatives of Pop of Revenge to Star News, G-Dragon has confirmed a solo album for this coming August. Back in 2009, G-Dragon had also released his first solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ on his 22nd birthday, August 18th. A representative stated, “During the recent gap of promotions when he was taking some time off, G-Dragon had been working very hard []

Movie Director Byun Yong-Ju Mentions Big Bang in her Recent Interview [NEWS]

Movie director, Byun Yong-Ju’s recent interview on the hardship she went through when producing her new movie : “I always idolize someone. I can enjoy the whole day because of Yoo Don No’s line on Saturday (referring to Infinite challenge’s Yoo Jae Suk, Jun Hyun Dong & No Hong Chul line). When I can’s find the investment for my new movie, I could still be happy if G- Dragon released his solo album. When Big Bang released their new songs a few []