Movie Director Byun Yong-Ju Mentions Big Bang in her Recent Interview [NEWS]

201203071658331Movie director, Byun Yong-Ju’s recent interview on the hardship she went through when producing her new movie :

“I always idolize someone. I can enjoy the whole day because of Yoo Don No’s line on Saturday (referring to Infinite challenge’s Yoo Jae Suk, Jun Hyun Dong & No Hong Chul line). When I can’s find the investment for my new movie, I could still be happy if G- Dragon released his solo album.

When Big Bang released their new songs a few days ago, I was like “Is this for me? To congratulate my movie premiere? They really do love their fans.” I even wrote “Big Bang is back” on my movie promotion twitter.

Source: Maxmovie
Translation: comforcloud@soompi

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