The Waves

Mesmerizing, a simply wonderful novel to read.  I loved the poetic structure of the book.  It was such a great experimental novel.  All the dialogue and the structure of the book followed such a poetic style.  It was broken up into parts that were highlighted by the times of day to show a certain time in the lives of the characters. The time of day … Continue reading The Waves

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The 10th Kingdom Sequel: The House of Wolves

I know I keep harping on all these sequels that I want.  But can you really blame me, I mean there is a reason I love these movies/mini-series.  I mean the likelihood that someone is going to read this and say “hey this is a great idea” is slim to none, I admit that.  But there is always that hope that someone will read this … Continue reading The 10th Kingdom Sequel: The House of Wolves