The Waves

Mesmerizing, a simply wonderful novel to read.  I loved the poetic structure of the book.  It was such a great experimental novel.  All the dialogue and the structure of the book followed such a poetic style.  It was broken up into parts that were highlighted by the times of day to show a certain time in the lives of the characters. The time of day was central to the time and movement of the story and the colors, the projection of colors within the novel were simply magnificent.  The concept of time gave me, as a reader, an in-depth appreciation for Woolf and her life.  The poetic details alone, the structure that mimicked asides caused me to get lost within the work, but not in a bad way.  Temporality is a very high concept of this novel, and the pace is quick jumping form time period to time period capturing how quick life goes along. Every detail of this novel was wonderful, and I loved it.

Another key aspect that made this piece of art so great was the connectivity within the story.  I found that it was magnificently done and created such a wonderful story for any reader.  How each character connects with one another, in the end, what makes them each their own, connects them and makes them one whole person.  The characters themselves appear very generic but that gives the novel, in my opinion, a realistic touch, connecting it with the reader on a relatable level, making the reading enjoyable. 

Virginia Woolf was absolutely amazing and wonderful with her writing of this novel.  It was simply an amazing novel that I have to recommend to everyone.  5/5 ‘s and an “A+”.


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