Weekly Reading List #281

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Book of the Month Poll – July 2016

By Cynthia Ayala

Hey there avid readers and book lovers, another month means another book of the month poll where you get to vote on what novel you believe should be the book of the month for July. If you want your favorite to win, remember to share and encourage others to vote. You can leave your vote in the comments section with just the title of the vote, likes on the comment will not count, but replies mentioning which novel you would like to win do. You can also head on over to Pollcaster by clicking the link here or on the picture below. Here are the selections for this month:
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Nia Dragin Books | On My Mind #1

By Nia Dragin; Cynthia Ayala

Hey there! So I know that I haven’t been “here” lately. My life has been very hectic lately but I am working hard on editing the third and final novel in the Eclipsing Trilogy. I’m working hard, the cover is done. Woo! I’m very excited about it, super excited actually because that means that I am just one step closer to launching the book and one step closer to starting up my publishing company and building it from the bottom up. I’m so excited about that! But what I want to create a stronger presence online to connect with you, my readers[…] Continue reading “Nia Dragin Books | On My Mind #1”

A Romantic Ghost Tale on Identity | Arise (Hereafter #2)

By Cynthia Ayala

Arise by Tara Hudson HarperCollins Publishers Image Credit: Goodreads
Arise by Tara Hudson
HarperCollins Publishers
Image Credit: Goodreads

Dark spirits are haunting Amelia and they threaten to hurt everyone she cares for. Her only chance: run away with the people she loves. But the demons hunting her have no boundaries and will chase her every which way to bring her to her knees and make her their slave because with her power, she could help them take the world of the living. Amelia has one chance, and it lies in the hands of stranger, a Voodoo priestess who has her own reasons for helping her. Can she be trusted or is Amelia destined to fall to the hands of evil? Continue reading “A Romantic Ghost Tale on Identity | Arise (Hereafter #2)”