Tuesday Night TV (19 Feb 2013)

Not a big fan of Lemon.  Lavon has moved on and since she is with someone else, she should let him move on and be happy with whoever the heck he wants, and Annabeth is a ten times better person than Ruby and Lemon…funny, both are shades of colors and Annabeth is a plain name…I vote for her.  Zoe is the best girlfriend, her actions prove that she cares and supports Wade and wants him to live and reach for his dreams, []

Tuesday Night TV (27 Nov 2012)

BLOGGERS NOTE: First and foremost I would like to apologize for the format of these TV Reviews tonight.  Finals coming up soon! Wade (Wilson Bethel) lot’s of character growth Zoe (Rachel Bilson) annoying, but in a good way, she cares a lot about Lavon (Cress Williams) I love Zoe and how her character goes form doing one thing to another.  She is great. Ruby, brings a lot to the table and should stay.  Lavon should be with her and not with Lemon. []

Tuesday Night TV (30 Oct 2012)

Oh my lord, they should just make it official that they are dating now cause, let’s face it, they are. And it was good that between the pair of them, that was established. I love the introduction of the girl who is totally going to be George’s new thing. So far, I like her. She has a strong characterization that already makes her incredibly different from both Lemon and Zoe, which I think the writers and casting directors were going for. And []

Monday Night TV (9 Apr 2012)

Very good episode.  I have been waiting for a while to see her father and was I pleased.  It was a good episode with a way for her and her father to reconnect but not fix everything 100%, because that would not have been realistic.  The way they did it though was realistic.  I also like the way the writers structured the ending, I won’t give out any endings but to say the least it was amazingly done.  I have to say []

Monday Night TV (6 Fed 2012)

Lemon needs to eat something, at least the actress that plays her needs to eat something.  Anyway it was a great episode, I really thought that Wade was going to confess his feelings to Zoe,  but no, he played with her, totally psyched her out.  Anyway it was a good episode, I really liked it.  The ending though, whoa, poor Lavon man, I hope that this does not ruin his new relationship and finally, Lemon told her fiancé everything…well except that she []

Monday Night TV [cont.] (30 Jan 2012)

This was a good episode, I really enjoyed watching it.  I feel bad for Zoe because she only wants a girl friend and that’s understandable.  I still loved this show, it was a charming night, I will admit that.  I really enjoy this show.  I will say this one again though, the actress who plays Lemon needs to eat something, I find it quite frightening to be seeing her bones through through her clothes.  She looks anorexic, I’m simply voicing my opinions.  []