Tuesday Night TV (15 Mar 2011)

GleeTHEY WON SECTIONALS!  WOOHOO!  So Sue lied about how My Chemical Romance demanded a cease and decease letter telling them that Glee Club could not use their song.  Quinn is dating Finn for all the wrong reasons.  She doesn’t love him, she likes him sure, we all date people we like, and she thinks that he is a great guy but she’s only dating him because she want to be on top again.  Because she wants to be Prom Queen.  Her coldness and bluntness with Rachel worked out though because Rachael was able to dig down deep and write one of the best songs ever.  One that touched Finn.  Finn loves Rachael, he may lust for Quinn but he loves Rachael.  On Kurt’s side, he may not have won Sectionals but he has a boyfriend now!  Yes ladies and gentleman, Blaine and Kurt are an official couple.  How awesome is that.  New episodes will pick up in April, the exact date, soon to be announced.  Enjoy reruns! Tuesdays @ 8PM EST on FOX.

Raising HopeWow.  Just wow.  So yeah, these people are trying to figure out who takes care of Hope should one of them die.  Yeah, they can’t even take care of themselves.  They need each other to survive.  So Jimmy picks Sabrina, thinking that she’s totally capable.  She obviously freaked out because she does not think hat she is ready for that sort of responsibility.   Turns out that she is.  Maw Maw has gone nuts, as they all pack them selves into the attic to try and fix the fuse box, Maw Maw starts shooting at them thinking they are a pack of wild mongooses.  Sabrina saves the day by throwing a box across the attic to distract Maw Maw and jumping through the hole to land on Maw Maw.  Insanely hilarious!  I LOVE THIS SHOW! Tuesdays @ 900PM EST on FOX.

traffic lightI like this show.  Mainly the dudes. Every now and again the chicks tend to annoy me.  Okay so the guy with the glasses, he lets his girlfriends car get stolen when he picks up her dry cleaning.  Yeah, he leaves it running, unlocked, with the keys in.  Bright move right.  So then he plans on buying her a new car, so he takes his buds with him and the one who gets him the better deal is the British guy right.  Who eventually bonds and feels pity for the salesman who well, still lives with his parents and has a pretty pathetic life.  So yeah, he creates a monster.  He created this guy who moved out of his parents house, who got a promotion and is sleeping with one of his co-workers wife.  Yup.  This once-nice-guy is now scum.  That covers those two guys.  The Lawyer with the Asian wife, well his Little Brother wrote a book and dedicated it to the Lawyer’s Wife rather than him.  Ouch right!  So he starts feeling pretty pissed off and insulted. Oh by the way.  The Guy with the Glasses, yeah, he bought his girlfriend her dream car BUT so did she.  And when he went to return it, British Guy helped the salesman and not him.  Just wow.  It was hilarious and yes I know, I need to learn the characters names.  I mean there are like 5, I’m just so busy laughing that I don’t keep them straight and don’t listen.  Laughing to much!  Tuesdays @ 930 PM EST on FOX.

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