X-Men: First Class is Blasphemy!

Emma Frost is not the same age as them.  I mean for heavens freaking sake she’s dating Scott Summers right now!  She’s significantly younger!  Havoc is Scott’s brother and not the same age.  What the hell is Hollywood doing Marvel!  When I first heard that they were making this movie after they botched up X-Men 3 I was all “yay!  they can start over now and fix everything!” but now I which they had never made this movie, they are messing everything up.  See I can by Mystique being the same age as them, sure okay, I can believe that but come one, Emma Frost?  Havoc?  They are students of Xavier after he’s in his chair!  That’s how much younger they are, not the same age.  I can’t believe that Marvel is even letting them do this.  What did they give up all their power when they were bought out?  It’s just stupid.  Hollywood is ruining Marvel comics, I know my facts, I know my origin stories, this movie is destroying everything from the comics, everything that has been written and told for decades now.  I really hate what Hollywood is doing here.  I mean even in Wolverine: Origins they highlighted Emma Frost & Scott Summers and how young they were in comparison to Xavier at the end of the movie.  Hollywood has no excuse for screwing up right now.  None whatsoever.  I need to say is that I may not be a die hard Marvel fan, but even I won’t see this movie, and if you are a die hard X-Men fan, if I hate what they’ve done, I’m sure you will too.  Just don’t see the movie.  I’m not going to. 

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