Wonder Woman Project Scrapped! Woohoo!

I can’t say that I’m surprised in fact I’m like super happy to hear this!  NBC had no idea what they were doing.  Wonder Woman is the same age as Batman and Superman, she’s like their sister, it’s why they are the Trinity.  Wonder Woman does not wear pants, only in recent issues which DC is going to undo.  Wonder Woman is a strong beautiful woman who appears gentle but can take down Superman.  Everything that they were doing in the show, none of it embodied the true Wonder Woman, the Wonder Woman we all know and love.  And then they wanted to give her a rotating costume set.  Are they stupid?  I mean seriously, no super hero and let me stress the point that Wonder Woman is a super hero and not s freaking vigilante, has a rotating costume set.  Who in their right mind would even buy that shit?  Sorry, I’m getting a bit over zealous but it really upsets me that NBC just could not get it.  They don’t know how to do Wonder Woman at all and they were going to further ruin one of the most powerful woman character to ever exist.  She set the stage for all the others.  I mean Wonder Woman flies, she has a lasso, she wears flat boots and either wears a skirt or just her bathing suit.  Wonder Woman never ever wears pants and should never wear pants.  I should smack Straczynski for starting this mess and I should DC for letting him.  I hope the sales drop is biting them in the arse.  Just saying.  In any case I hope that CW soon picks this up with good writers and I hope that DC has an active voice in this.  Just one for time, NBC you are a bunch of idiot and you suck. 

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