Competition in Society

In my opinion competition is what’s drives society.  I think it is what keeps us all going.  We all strive to be the best at something.  Wives tend to compete with other wives and mother-in-laws to see who is more full-filled, who is the better cook, the better wife, who has the cleanest house.  It’s not a bad thing competition.  It is what drives the society to strive to do better, who can make the most sales, who can move up the work chain faster.  Competition is what drives society.  It doesn’t even matter if lives are at stake, everything is a competition.  Hell I’m not offended by it, I strive to be the most pleasant person I can, I strove to be the best writer I can be and the best cook I can be.  It is what it is.  Sometimes too much competition can me a bad thing.

Wives and husbands sometimes neglect their fellow partners when they strive to be the best at work.  They neglect and push away their families when they strive to be the best they can be outside of the home.  Sometimes being the best at work isn’t that important, being there for their families should be the top priority.

And then when people strive to be better than their friends, they tend to alienate them, they tend to, however unintentional, debase their friends.  They may not know it but it happens.  Sometimes being the best isn’t all that great if you are just going to ignore the feelings of those that you care about.

Competition isn’t bad, it is not something we can control.  Society keeps stepping forward because of competition.  Who can come out with the newest and faster technology, it’s why new discoveries are made all the time.  Competition simply drives us, and although it has it’s fault, it is up to the person to set the priorities, to set the stage for what is more important at being better at.  It’s all due to perception I guess.

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