Deadline (The Newsflesh Trilogy Book 2)

DeadlineGreat book.  I loved it loved it LOVED IT!!!  I love the direction in which Mira Grant has chosen to do zombies.  I love how she writes her main character Shaun Mason.  I think that this is a wonderfully told story about conspiracy theories.  This is just a great book.  I love the blog entries before every chapter and I love how the chapters are captivating.  They are needlessly long.  You can tell that Mira Grant has a story to tell and she’s going to tell it.  She uses no filler she’s too the point.  The way she writes is clear and crisp, completely understandable.  If you love zombies and/or conspiracy theories or an a**hole (who is a tad bit insane) as the main hero trust me you are going to love this book!!!  5/5 Stars & an “A” Grade.


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