Seungri’s Teaser Image is Released

seungri teaser aliveWell people there you have it, another teaser has been released.  I don’t like it which upsets me because TOP’s and Daesung’s were so amazing and well done.  They both took my breath away but um yeah, so many no’s.

1) the hair is to short

2) the chains? what?

3) tag still on jacket = fail

4) photo shop on abs, so poorly done

5) and where’s his mask?  the others have them…so far

I love Seungri (not more than TOP) but I hate this picture.  Read below to read the following article on this…disaster?  Seems apt.

Today has been quite a busy news day for Big Bang as more information is revealed to the public. With about two weeks left before the big release things are becoming clearer in regards to the promotions surrounding the highly anticipated album.

So far TOP, Daesung, and Taeyang’s teaser images have been revealed. Following suit, with two members remaining, Seungri‘s photo was just made public. In the image Seungri can be seen fully embodying the ‘bad boy’ image. Seungri’s photo is similar to the others in concept with the photograph itself has a somewhat muted color palette.  In the upper right-hand corner the word “Bad Boy” is written. “Bad Boy” is one of the songs which make up the album’s tracklist.

Today the album was made available for pre-order through various online and offline stores. The group’s comeback album, “Alive” will have six different packaging options. Each member will have his own cover, photo-booklet, and YG card to choose from. If you are having difficulty choosing which version to purchase there will also be an edition for the entire group.

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