G-Dragon Solo Comeback Articles

G-Dragon to Release Solo Comeback Teaser on his Birthday (August 18th) G-DRAGON, a member of the popular group BIGBANG, will be making a 2nd solo comeback towards the end of August. According to several different media representatives, G-Dragon has recently entered the final stages of his solo album recording. The comeback is said to be scheduled for the end of August, which makes this his 2nd solo album comeback in three years after releasing “Heartbreaker” in 2009. Although this solo comeback was []

Dara – 2012 0705

YG recently posted this photo of Sandara Park at 9AM today, which brought alot of attention to all blackjacks. It was definitely a shock on how brave Sandara was to shave almost half her head, leaving her looking like a badass effortlessly. With teaser photos of the other girls being released one by one, Blackjacks are definitely anticipating more on their comeback now! Also, this time, YG has given us an official date to start counting down on 2NE1′s Comeback with their []

CUBE Entertanment CEO hints at B2ST’s comeback

By: GhostWriter Some tweets by CUBE Entertainment‘s CEO Hong Seong Sung have pique the interest of B2UTY‘s by hinting at B2ST‘s comeback. On May 16th, a B2UTY with the Twitter account (@s2ice7) tweeted to Hong Seong Sung: “CEO… T T will our B2ST oppas make a comeback after G.NA unni? >_<” In response, Hong Seong Sung tweeted, “All you B2UTYs, we are planning on making the greatest comeback ever known” and then added, “War and Peace… they are making their return.” It []

F.CUZ talks about their first ‘No.1′ comeback stage

By: VITALSIGN F.CUZ recently met with reporters after completing their first comeback stage and talked about how they’re feeling having finally returned after a year and five month long hiatus. The members stated, “New members Raehyun and Daegun were both really nervous so we were as a whole a lot more nervous than usual. We exchanged glances on stage and tried to comfort them. We realized so much was going on when we finally completed our stage.” They continued, “Since it was []

Gavy NJ introduces two new members, Jenny and Gunji

By: pkdance Female vocalist group, Gavy NJ, has revealed the addition of two new members with their comeback around the corner. Members Heeyoung and Misty left to proceed with their solo activities after the expiration of the contract with their previous agency last May. After moving to a new agency and holding countless auditions, new members Jenny (25) and Gunji (21) were added to reform the group with original member Sihyun. Jenny hails from Busan and is receiving attention for her participation []

Seungri’s Teaser Image is Released

Well people there you have it, another teaser has been released.  I don’t like it which upsets me because TOP’s and Daesung’s were so amazing and well done.  They both took my breath away but um yeah, so many no’s. 1) the hair is to short 2) the chains? what? 3) tag still on jacket = fail 4) photo shop on abs, so poorly done 5) and where’s his mask?  the others have them…so far I love Seungri (not more than TOP) []