Big Bang Expected to Make Big Bucks for YG in 2012 [NEWS]


It’s only March, but Big Bang is already on its way to making it big this year.

Big Bang started promoting its fifth mini album Alive after its release on February 29. The most recent main event of the group’s promotion was its exclusive concert 2012 Big Show/Big Bang Alive Tour held from March 2-4 in Seoul.

The group proved in front of the 39,000 fans gathered at the concert that it had overcome the obstacles posed by Daesung and G-Dragon’s incidents.

The group is also looking forward to earning the biggest sales numbers since its debut this year thanks to its strong fan base.

“We can look forward to an increase in YG’s sales with Big Bang’s comeback, as the group was unable to contribute to the performance of the agency in 2011,” Jung Yoo Suk, a researcher at LIG Investment & Securities, explained.

But even in 2011, although the group was only able to promote for half of the year, it scored sales close to 30 billion won.

Researcher Jung Yoo Suk added, “It’s looking toward earning sales of 4 billion won just through the group’s concert Big Show alone. Sales for the new album are also expected to add to the sales numbers for the agency’s album/download sales this year.”

As such, Big Bang is expected to come up with the biggest numbers this year since its debut in 2006. It’s managed to make a smooth comeback, and its album is shooting through the roof.

Sales may also gain momentum with the Korean wave sweeping through the world, as Big Bang is expected to be successful in America, which has a music market 20 times bigger than Korea’s, and Japan, with a market 15 times bigger. The group won’t be letting go of this advantage, as it is already planning to embark on a world tour through 25 cities in 16 countries.

Big Bang made up 41 percent of YG’s sales in 2010, but it is expected to take up a majority by 2012 with 50.6 percent.

Many are looking forward to whether Big Bang will be able to continue on its successful trail.

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