Big Bang Holds "Alive" Concert [NEWS]


The performance came after a year-long wait, and the mischievous and chatty Big Bang we were so used to seeing was nowhere to be found. “We just wanted to fight with our music and our performances,” Daesung said during the concert, and the other members indeed seemed to agree, as they showed they were being serious from start to finish.

Big Bang met with 39,000 of its fans in its exclusive concert held from March 2-4 in Seoul, the 2012 Big Show/Big Bang Alive Tour.In the three concerts, in front of a near total of 40,000 fans, Big Bang indeed proved it was ‘Alive’.The performance opened up with a blinding video featuring the members in an outer space setting. The members then appeared in person onstage to perform the Intro of its fifth mini album Alive, which was released on February 29, and ran right into Tonight, plunging their fans into a frenzy in just a few minutes.

The performance was all the more meaningful of course because it was the group’s first in a long time, but also because it was the first day fans would get to see the group perform the singles from its most recent mini album. Passionate performances of the Intro, Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy, No Fun, Blue, Love Dust and Daesung’s solo piece Wing all reminded the audience just what Big Bang was really about.The many incidents the group had to endure in 2011 made the concert even more passionate and serious. The members rarely even stopped to talk in between performances. As if they wanted to let out all the energy they had kept bottled up inside them during the past year, the members continued to sprint forward with all their might from start to finish, never stopping to so much as take a breath.There were no parody videos, a well-known trademark of Big Bang concerts. “We didn’t make a parody video on purpose this time,” Daesung said. “We just wanted to fight with our music and our performances.”“It’s great to see you again. A lot of things happened, but I’m thankful you’re still here. I’ll never make you worried again,” G-Dragon said. “Big Bang will become a group that draws out not disappointment or concern, but rather anticipation. I’ll work harder.”

Their passion onstage lived up to that determination, continuing to burn all through the colorful two-hour-long performance. G-Dragon and T.O.P., who had broken off from the group before as a unit, performed Knock Out and High High, Seungri showed off his stage manners with his solosStrong Baby and What Can I Do, Taeyang followed suit with his own solo pieces Don’t Cheat On Me and Wedding Dress and Daesung’s first performance of Wing added to the splendor.The group’s efforts over the past year shone through in the members’ solo feats, the group’s original hits including Haru Haru, Lie, Last Farewell and Sunset Glow and the fresh new performances of the new singles.Another reason why this concert was different was because it was the first collaborative effort between Big Bang and Live Nation, a show production company that has produced world tours for such pop figures as Madonna, U2 and Lady Gaga. Designers, sound engineers and session players with previous experience in global settings perfected the music and the atmosphere.Big Bang will continue on its world tour, which started with the Seoul concert, through 25 cities in 16 countries.

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