Daesung: “I Couldn’t Meet Eyes with Fans” [NEWS]

daeDuring the SBS “Big Bang Comeback Show – Alive Big Bang” that was broadcast on 9 March, Big Bang’s G-Dragon has expressed that “In this new mini album we’ve included a solo song by Daesung. We know that Daesung can’t sing a medium tempo song and also he wouldn’t be able to meet eyes with fans hence we really felt distressed.”

Daesung state “I still feel really sorry towards my fans. When we first made our comeback on stage during YG Family Concert, I felt really scared. I wasn’t scared of the other’s line of sight, but actually am scared of my fans’”. He explained “When I am performing on stage, I can’t look into the eyes of my fans and the only thing I could do was to stare at the fence and walls as I sing.”

The place that he found back his missing confidence was the stage. When Daesung was performing his solo song “Wings” in BIGSHOW 2012 that was broadcasted through Alive Big Bang, he mentioned that “the performance was really good” as he let out his charismatic smile, thanking fans for their response and said that he felt blessed.

Source: BBNUS@weibo
Translated by: Eliza@bbw

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