2NE1 Japan songs, and famous travel agency Song was selected as campaign “proved popular"


[OSEN = hwangmihyeon News] group 2NE1’s new song ‘Scream’ campaign organized by the Japanese agency CM famous song was selected.

Japan’s most famous music site, the last 14 days, according to Oricon Style 2NE1 followed by 28 days in Japan releasing a new song ‘Scream’, starring the actress from Taiwan ‘HIS Taiwan campaign song of the CM was selected.

This campaign is famous in Japan as part of a campaign organized by travel agencies, the actress appeared chirinyi causality has become a hot topic locally. ‘Scream’ is released in Japan, the first Japanese 2NE1 original gokyira more is significant.

2NE1’s new album before another surokgok ‘collection,’ the Japanese fashion magazine ‘CANCAM’ was voted song of the CM’s, 2NE1’s popularity in Japan is us realize.

2NE1 to Japan the first 28 days of the coming album “Collection” released, and this album ‘Scream’, ‘Collection’ including the ‘rayikeu A Virgin’, ‘Fire’, ‘Oh, care money and was better.

On the other hand, Japan next month for 2NE1 skirts, to be held at Makuhari Messe R & B Hip-Hop Festival 2012 Spring Grove, “is scheduled to appear on.

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