Wednesday Night TV (14 Mar 2012)

Wednesdays @ 830PM EST on ABC

Teenagers, what are you going to do with them, but them.  It’s hilarious, this show is hilarious but I really loved the heart warming moment with George and Helen (Tessa’s grandmother) and I love the warm scenes in this episode.  Already this is showing progression from point a to point b which makes me really proud.  Props to the writers, I love them so much for the narration they write as well as the plot line and how they are giving it more depth.  Great show.  Wednesdays @ 830PM EST on ABC

Modern Family
Wednesdays @ 9PM EST on ABC

Would never have thought that such a dignified man like Cameron would dress up like a clown for a funeral.  Granted it was for um…a clown?  Can’t believe he had a clown career, maybe I missed it if it was mentioned before.  Could not take this episode seriously.  This episode was hliarious.  I adore Manny.  I just love this show and this episode was hilarious.  I don’t know what else to say, there were clowns and Phil is just a great guy, he can’t do bad…or can he.  Also, as a fan of “Nightmare on Elm Street” (original), I liked the reference.  Wednesdays @ 9PM EST on ABC.

Wednesdays @ 930PM EST on ABC

Alex is not the sharpest tool in the box.  Is that right?  I don’t know, but that doesn’t matter.  Anyway, poor Penny, her birthday is cursed.  Poor girl, I guess bad things just happen.  I think it’s because everyone just read into it a little bit.  Anyway this was a funny episode.  I thoroughly enjoyed it a lot.  This was a pretty funny episode.  I hate how Alex is kinda dumb but she’s not totally dumb which is what I like about this show.  Reminds me of Suzanne Summers in Three’s Company.  Wednesdays @ 930PM EST on ABC.

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