19 (Nineteen)

19-NineteenI LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! T.O.P (aka Choi Seung-hyun) is a natural when it comes to acting and no I am not just saying that because I love him as a person/actor/singer.  I’m saying that because it’s the truth.  I mean after watching this movie I just find him a very versatile actor.  I can say that, I saw IRIS and 71: Into The Fire, and all three parts he played were all very different.  SeungRi (aka Lee Seung-hyun) is also an adorable actor, I wonder why he doesn’t get more parts in movies and such?  Anyway I adored this movie.  It had it’s cheesy parts but it was fun to watch, and not fun as in it’s a bad movie, fun as in it made me laugh because it was just so adorable.  Especially when you have T.O.P and SeungRi, I mean come on, how can this not be adorable.  I strongly recommend watching it and you know what you can watch his movie online.  As for me, I’m going to buy it because I adored it so much and would love to watch it without the commercials and enjoy T.O.P in all his acting glory hehehe.  Here is a link where you can watch it for free if you’re interesting (and I hope you are).  Before I give you the link though I think I should do my “job” and write an actual(?) review for this movie.  I admit, although I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and the way the characters were portrayed and had chemistry with one another, the beginning was my main problem, I mean how did the detectives get from point A to point B in suspecting these three kids of murder.  I mean it just moved too fast for me.  That is my main complaint, I don’t think the writers thoroughly thought out how to connect the points for this movie.  Oh and the ending when Eun-Yeong’s (played by Huh E Jae) foot miraculously healed at the end (sry a spoiler I know) I think that was the cheesiest part of the movie.  Luckily though it doesn’t happen until the end.  Thank heavens, probably would have spoiled the movie for me if it had happened any earlier.  All in all though, I loved this movie.  4/4 stars and an “A”.

Oh! Here’s the link I promised 🙂


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