"YG on Air: Big Bang Alive" Broadcasting Information [NEWS]

From Official VIP Website:

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

Here is information about the broadcast of “YG ON AIR:BIG BANG ALIVE”:

“YG ON AIR: BIG BANG ALIVE”, which took place on March 14th in the Hwajung Gym will be aired on Naver and YouTube for fans who love Big Bang and cheer them on around the world.

Together we did the best live session in the world, with 8 different professional cameras, and the best performance and stage.

Please read the more detailed information about the broadcast.

*YG ON AIR: BIG BANG ALIVE Broadcast Info*

Time: Everyday at 6 PM (from 2012/3/20~ 3/25)

Channel: NAVER MUSIC (On the Naver Music Special Page, which is open 24 hours in Korea exclusively) and YOUTUBE (Overseas release/24 hours later added in Korea)

Broadcast info: Preview through NAVER MUSIC

“YG ON AIR: BIG BANG ALIVE” lets you listen and watch Big Bang’s fifth mini album!!

We ask that you look forward to this.

Thank you.

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