Big Bang, YG ON AIR broadcasting the concert reminiscent

Big Bang, YG Entertainment (hereafter YG) Internet broadcasting ‘Y geothermal air (YG ON AIR)’ reminiscent of a concert stage with fans, I visit every day.

Every 20 to 25, YG 18:00 Naver and YouTube via the self-produced, edited 5 home of the Big Bang Mini ‘ALIVE’ stage of the whole grain ‘YG ON AIR – BIG BANG ALIVE’ through the day, a mudaessik broadcasts.

“Wi-Zeon Air” last year, the YG, the industry’s first start with a self-made content-based Internet platform to broadcast stations serving the content no less proud of the high perfection of the images are communicating with the public.

In particular, if the broadcast was conducted with more than 500 fans, techno movie or music video production, including camera crane used in the Red won a total of 8 cameras, such as mobilization cost comparable to a concert production costs scrupulous enough to spend the stage will showcase.

The Big Bang’s’ wai Zeon Air ‘Big Bang held a concert earlier this month, ‘2012 BIG SHOW’ the band together world-class session gatyihan ‘band version’ and the colorful lights and lasers, visual images, special effects, the total mobilized ‘performance version’ , was built in two versions.

20 days revealed that the first stage of the emotional hiphapgok ‘Bad Boy’ version of the band, the rhythmic ‘intro’ and the ‘Y Zeon Air “is scheduled to open the porthole.

YG said that “Big Bang’s this mini 5 home ‘Jeongok title of’ unprecedented promotion in progress, this ‘YG ON AIR – BIG BANG ALIVE’ so far in the industry introduced enemy was not a breakthrough content will be available,” said ” Big Bang is the title track of this album to stage a match to a piece we are going to chatahgal dont expect much, “he said.

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