Big Bang’s "Fantastic Baby Cover Survival" Message [VIDEO/NEWS]

Big Bang will be holding a survival cover contest titled Fantastic 1 for its new single Fantastic Baby

Fantastic Baby is loved for its strong melody, addictive hook and witty dance moves, and has already been drawing out cover dance videos not only from Korea but from across the world.

Although many new singles have been pitted into the scene since Fantastic Baby’s release with the group’s fifth mini album, it’s managed to keep its place at the top of music charts, proving that it even seems to be snowballing in popularity as time goes by.

Thanks to the passionate support, Big Bang will be holding an event with SK Communications for its fans that love Fantastic Baby so much.

Contestants for the event can upload cover dance videos, but they can also come up with their own themes such as song, instrument covers or even cosplay for the video, and they can appear alone or in teams.

Videos can be entered from March 22 to April 11, and the top ten finalists, named the Fantastic 10, will be chosen through netizen votes. The winner, the Fantastic 1, will be chosen by Big Bang and the group’s choreography team, and will be revealed on March 19.

The winner will be given an invitation to the Alive Tour 2012 in Japan along with plane tickets and a hotel package provided by Jeju Airlines, while the top 10 will be given a chance to participate in the second round auditions with a waive for the first round auditions along with a special Big Bang goods package. Netizens who cheer for the contestants through comments will also be given a chance to win Big Bang goods packages and autographed CDs.

A rep from YG Entertainment told enews on March 22, “Many high quality cover videos are being uploaded on the web. We came up with the contest so that many more Korean fans will be able to share and enjoy the song. We hope many fans enter the contest with creative videos.”

(Note: This “Cover Survival” contest is only for those in Korea. This is different from the Global Event for international fans.)

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