What exactly has T.O.P done to me? [NEWS]

Note: Dr. Al is an advice column on Naver.

Q. The second TOP came on stage, “winter ended and spring found us.” I love all the parts and tunes of “Fantastic Baby”, but I lost conscience when TOP’s “Boom Shakalaka Boom Shakalaka” part came on. You know the feeling when your whole body feels like a spell has cast on it and you can’t move at all? Like a lagging computer, all day I am yelling Boom Shakalaka, Boom Shakalaka. What in the world has “TOP God” done to me?

Dr. Al’s Prescription

Close your eyes and think about it. What do you feel when TOP says in “Blue“, “I feel like my heart stopped/ The war has ended and you and I are frozen here”? Don’t you wish you were left with only TOP at the end of a war. In “Bad Boy“, he says “The me that you love/ Sorry I’m a bad boy”, but how do you feel about this? I don’t care if you’re a bad boy or a good boy, if you’re really sorry please just stay by my side. Is that what you think. Sometimes we shake our heads to TOP’s rapping voice, sometimes we kneel down to his voice. Everyone does that. TOP isn’t rapping, he is always persuading. He endlessly digs underground with his voice and says each character with strength. That is why we are captivated by the meaningless “Boom shakalaka.” Because it’s not just any man, but handsome TOP. Not a different facial expression, but just the confident expression he has while shaking his body slowly. Not just his color, but his bright mint hair. Nothing else is relevant, because its TOP.

TOP’s presence so captivating even without his rap and his sexy dancing. We feel like we can be slit with his sharp chin line, and his eyes look deep without drawing heavy eyeliner. We are forced to follow his every move and watch him point to the camera with a finger. It’s the same case in dramas. In KBS’ I am Sam, he made noonas unable to sleep with one verse, and in Iris as killer Vic, he shoots lasers out of his eyes, making us thankful every time he appeared. He also is good in variety shows, where he copies “Yangssa” with Seungri, and also copies JK Kim Dongwookand Yoon Moonshik. We will speak the truth. If he is this perfect of a man, you can easily understand without much explanation, right? This is the talk of a girl who lives under the same sky as TOP.

Al Point: [Choi Seunghyun, is alive!]

Fingers, alive: Do his fingers have magnets? Or are they dipped in honey? He isn’t doing an intense dance or singing, but in “Lies” when he twirls his fingers, I feel like I’m being hypnotized.

Rhyme, alive: He showed us a freestyle rap in MBC’s 10000 Won Happiness in a corner called “TOP, who is the head of rap in the Big Bang dorm.” “Whatever you say, my voice is pretty/The style that I’m rapping is a real rapper/ The things you say about me/So I’m really your helper.” Who allowed him to rap like this so cutely in a red backwards hoodie?

Fan Service, alive: TOP, who was just wandering around with no expression during the concert goes to the fans and receives a yellow crown headband. He was shaking around and went back to the stage. We saw his backside and wanted to pet him. If you are lucky you could wipe hissweat off.

Producing skill, alive: Before debuting, he wrote on Lee Hyori’s mini homey saying “I live for you and I rap for you so I will debut” and at the 2008 MKMF, he rapped for Hyori, wrapped her face in his two hands, and headed towards her lips. He has confidence now. He has no problems seudcing now. With a short hair wig while riding a segway, he said “Boys who want to date me, please contact me.”

BinguTOP, alive: He is very funny and silly with his amazing visuals. He does Rakugo out of nowhere with Daesung while wearing a shower gown, and he’ll be rapping in the studio and suddenly sing the theme song to “Quiz to Explore the Mysteries of the World, and dances dances that are hard to label. With that he got the nickname he dislikes of “Bingu TOP.” He even asked to be not called that, but he Bingu TOP doesn’t fade away. The charm that flows in his body is the undeniable Bingu TOP.

Source: Naver
Translation by @kristinekwak

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