T.O.P mentioned in article about Lee Hyori’s new show [NEWS]

Lee Hyori’s charms Jung Jae Hyung in 10 seconds?

The first broadcast of reality program On Style’s ‘Golden 12‘, which is airing on April 5th KST, will follow Lee Hyori while she prepares for her charity bazaar project.

On this episode, Lee Hyori had stylist Han Hye Yeon and photographer Hong Jang Hyun call actress Cha Yea Ryun and Big Bang member T.O.P to ask them to donate some personal items, which they gladly agreed to do.

Lee Hyori then called close friend Jung Jae Hyun and said, “I’m doing a show. I’m having a bazaar so give me something. I’ll go over to your house.” After hearing just three sentences, Jung Jae Hyung promised to hand something over. The whole process reportedly only took her 10 seconds. Responding to Lee Hyori’s boldness, Jung Jae Hyung said, “Okay! I need to give things that are worth $8,845?”

Jung Jae Hyung did not even ask why the charity bazaar was happening, who were participating, or for any other information, but decided to help out after one phone call from Lee Hyori. Han Hye Young, Hong Jang Hyun, singer Bae Da Hae and other bazaar participants commented, “Truly a 10-second charisma.”

‘Golden 12′ is a reality show that will follow “socialtainer (socialite + entertainer)” Lee Hyori’s social life and cover the social issues advocated by the star.

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