Official VIP Card [PHOTOS/NEWS]

VIP Cards have been sent out to all official VIPS!

I will be sure to take HQ photos of my card when it arrives.

NOTE: This is for members of the official Korean fanclub. (VIP Japan members have different cards.) The application for VIP4 is already over and for those asking, one requirement to be an official member is to have a Korean ID (Korean citizen or foreigner living in Korea). Also, YGE hasn’t established an official fanclub for international fans yet.

2 thoughts on “Official VIP Card [PHOTOS/NEWS]

    1. I wish I was Korean, better chance to hook up with T.O.P lol. I honestly don’t know if you can join a fan club unless you’re Japanese or Korean because I don’t believe there are any international fan clubs set up officially by YGE.

      However with my pre-order of the ALIVE album I got a VIP card with a membership and everything 🙂 Have you tried joining online somewhere?

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