Big Bang dances early in the morning for Japan [NEWS]

Big Bang had to get up early in the morning to perform for its Japanese fans.

An online community recently had a video posted under the title ‘7:00 a.m., Big Bang dances’. The video was from the April 4 broadcast of Fuji TV’s Mezamashi. (Watch video here.)

On the day of the broadcast, Big Bang had to deliver a splendid performance and perfect vocals early in the morning. Daesung especially stood out by approaching a male anchor to ask him to ‘put your hands up’.

After the performance, Big Bang said, “All of the members are happy that they’re on the show, but they’re still sleepy because it’s early in the morning.” The MCs also joked, “You’re sleepy but that performance was still great.”

Netizens left comments on the video such as, ‘Is that like dancing on Korea’s Morning Wide show?’, ‘Dancing early in the morning looks great but still it’s funny’ and ‘I burst out laughing when Daesung asked the announcer to put his hands up’.

Big Bang will be touring Yokohama, Osaka, Saitama and Fukuoka after starting off its Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 in Japan in Aichi from May 17-18. An approximate total of 130,000 fans are expected to gather for the tour.

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