Big Bang on SBS Good Morning (120410) [VIDEO/NEWS]

The pasts of Big Bang members were uncovered on the April 10th episode of SBS’ ‘Good Morning‘, revealing hidden details about the idols’ childhoods.

Many were surprised by T.O.P‘s middle-school graduation photo as his chubby face and frame contrasts with his current sharp, lean look. G-Dragon on the other hand appears to have always had a leaner body. He first made his debut on MBC‘s program for children, ‘Bbo Bbo Bbo‘. He became known as ‘Little Roola‘ for his amazing dancing skills and showed off his rapping talent at a very young age. In terms of his school life, G-Dragon’s middle school teacher is reported to have praised him for “always doing his best at what he was assigned to“.

It was further revealed that Taeyang attended the same high school as G-Dragon. During that time, Taeyang had long hair, which is quite different from his current style.

What also caught the attention of many was the fact that Daesung seems to look exactly the same. Daesung’s middle school teacher stated that she knew Daesung was talented in music and told him that he could become a singer if he puts in more effort. During a survey that Daesung took in middle school, he answered “genius” to a question that asked, “I have a 1% potential to become a ____”, making it obvious that the star has always had a goofy side.

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