Big Bang is the foreign artist who attracted the largest crowd of fans in Taiwan Airport [NEWS]

Big Bang was welcomed warmly by their fans in Taiwan.

On 9th, Big Bang arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Starting from the morning of that day, there were fans going to the airport to welcome them and at last there were a total of 1200 of them. Local media also came to the airport to report their arrival.

The fans who were waiting at the airport told the members,’ please hold a concert in Taiwan.’ There were placards on which such a wish was written on. We can feel the wish of the fans here.

Big Bang then held a an official press conference in Taipei 101. CTV, CTS, FTV, TTV, China Times, Liberty Times were all there. There were a total of about 100 local major media to report the news.

Big Bang said, ‘ it is our first time to come to Taiwan so we did not know we have so many fans here. We are going to have our world tour and we will perform in Taiwan if possible.’

Their press conference in Taiwan was about the celebration of the two platinum that they have received for their ‘4.5 Special Edition Album’ and ‘Alive Album’. They also received a plate of memorial from the CEO of Warner Music.

Moreover, during the press conference, the Taiwanese fans also celebrated the birthday of Daesung(whose birthday is on the coming 26th) by singing a birthday song to him in Korean. This special celebration has attracted attention.

After the release of their ‘Alive Album’ in March, it has topped the major sales charts there, such as KKBOX, G-MUSIC and FIVE MUSIC. Their songs also had good performance on other digital music sites in Taiwan.

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