Wednesday Night TV (11 Apr 2012)

Wednesdays @ 830PM EST on ABC

Another great episode.  I loved it and I loved how as depression she just decided to eat butter.  That was hilarious.  Her friends are so weird, Malik must really like Lisa to be so attracted to her to really like the way she “eats”.  There is a reason I put that in quotation.  Anyway, I like Lisa’s brother and I think Emma and he should date, I feel like they balance each other out and she is comfortable around him.  And lets face it, he’s pretty good looking and not totally stupid.  LOL.  Anyway it was a disturbing but cute episode.  Also George and Dallas, yeah, they are made for each other, I can’t wait to see those two get together.  Wednesdays @ 830PM EST on ABC.

Modern Family
Wednesdays @ 9PM EST on ABC

Hilarious episode.  I adored it, of course I adore this show a lot.  I love the family dynamic even though it’s not totally accurate sometimes, I feel as though they stereotype some of the characters which is okay for the most part because when you compare it to other shows, at least it doesn’t stereotype as much as, um, well, Glee and gives a lot of proper representation to the characters in the show.  For the most part though, I really like this show, I like the humor, the family dynamic and the chemistry within the show.  Wednesdays @ 9PM EST on ABC.


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