Tony Danza In Talks To Join Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Dark Comedy

Tony Danza In Talks To Join Joseph Gordon Levitt's Dark Comedy image

Tony Danza’s probably best known for his role in Taxi and later for playing one of the most beloved housekeepers on TV in the ’80’s (nods to Mr. Belvedere and Mrs. Garrett). Not long after Who’s the Boss wrapped up, Danza went on to co-star in a movie about a kid whose answered prayer came in the form of angels (Christopher Lloyd among them) helping a baseball team make a comeback. Danza played one of the ball players in Angels in the Outfield, and young Joseph Gordon-Levitt played Roger, the foster kid who believed the Angels winning a pennant would bring his family back together. Nearly twenty years after that family-friendly film hit theaters, we may see Danza and Gordon-Levitt reunite on screen.

Variety reports that Tony Danza is in talks for a role in the currently untitled film that will mark Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut. Gordon-Levitt wrote the script for the movie, which is described as a dark comedy in which he stars as “a porn-addicted, modern day Don Juan from New Jersey who sets out to become a less selfish person.” Julianne Moore is set to play a recently widowed woman who he meets at night school. Scarlett Johannson is on board to play Gordon-Levitt’s girlfriend. And should the deal go through, Danza will play Gordon Levitt’s father, who, from the sound of it, pays more attention to sports than he does to his family.

The reunion of Tony Danza and Gordon-Levitt is worth noting, but even more so is Danza’s potential return to the big screen. Over the last decade or so, he’s made some TV appearances, hosted a daytime talk show, and starred in an A&E reality show called Teach: Tony Danza. His last appearance in a major movie was Crash back in 2005. This could be an interesting role for the actor, and his potential involvement only adds to the already intriguing cast.

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