Seungri is determined to show he’s a good actor [NEWS]

BLOGGERS NOTE: From what I’ve noticed in the Parodies…Seungri can act.  Watch “Coffee Bangs Five” and “Secret Big Bang”.  Seungri is adorable!!! 

On the latest episode of Go Show, the youngest of Big Bang talked about his acting career— a cameo appearance in the movie How Come You Visit My Place and the series Light and Shadow. He was really confident about his acting and tried to demonstrate his potential as an actor.

The singer brought a special script for the show (or for the chance to prove how well he can act) and impressed everyone and the host. The versatile star prepared a story parodying the series Romance, starring Kim Ha Neul and Kim Jae Won. In a parodied scene he prepared, host Go Hyun Jung was supposed to play a teacher and Seungri to play as a rebellious but naïve teenager who has a crush on her.

While the ambitious singer was really serious at acting, the host didn’t realize his sober effort and misinterpreted his work as a story of a teenager who wants to rebel to his teacher. The misled actress made the scene absolutely hilarious and made everyone laugh out loud. Frustrated by failing to show his promising script and acting, the tireless singer finally swoon the audience after his second trials with one snappy line with ready wit.

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