Thursday Night TV (8 Nov 2012)

This is a great show. I simply find it amazing. The fact that Sherlock is ready to continue to hide who he is as well as be himself is simply amazing. I know I know that I say this a lot, but Jonny Lee Miller is awesome. I mean I think he is simply astonishing and I think it is equally amazing that his Sherlockness is rubbing off on Wastson (played by Lucy Liu). I have to applaud the writing. The writing []

Tuesday Night TV (23 Oct 2012)

I love this show so much..  I mean it is such an adorable campy show and the characterization of Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) is awesome.  I love it so much.  What I liked about this episode was we got to see that Lemon (Jaime King) is a big girl and can take care of herself but her family is actually quite useless without her.  Her being independent is actually very good for her character because now she has character growth.  I love []

T.O.P Injured On Set of Alumnus

The poor prince.  I’m in love with him so forgive me.  Now, recently, according to YG Entertainment T.O.P (BigBang, 71: Into the Fire, 19teen) suffered an injury to the back of his hand while filming his new movie “Alumnus”.  The scene was a combat scene near broken glass.  A glass fragment entered his skin and was it minor.  Details of the actual injury have not been released but immediate surgery was taken place to prevent any sort of damage (particularly nerve damage) []

Sofia Vergara Transforms into Lucille Ball

By: MadeInSpanglish | Shine Latina Sofia Vergara doesn’t shy away from making fun of herself, be it exaggerating her Colombian accent or flaunting her voluptuous curves on the hit television show, “Modern Family”, and in a photo posted on her WhoSay account, the actress is showing off those comedic chops in an homage to legend Lucille Ball. Ditching her usually straight, brunette locks and form-fitting attire for a red wig and a 1950’s appropriate dress, Vergara does her best to capture one []

Glee Star Cory Monteith And Brandon Routh Up For Indie Thriller

By: Kristy Puchko As the befuddled football player with a song in his heart, Glee star Cory Monteith became a TV heartthrob. But now that Finn Hudson has graduated from McKinley High, Monteith’s role on the show will likely be scaled back, which allows this All-American-looking Canadian actor a chance to try his hand at movie stardom. Previously, Monteith has snagged supporting roles in teen-aimed features like Final Destination 3 and Monte Carlo, but Variety reports he has signed for a more []

Big Bang to release a new English-language album? [NEWS]

Could Big Bang release a new English language album? According to the group’s maknae there definitely is a possibility it is in the cards. On July 6, during the “North Face: Never Stop Dreaming Talk Concert with Big Bang” in Korea the group met with fans and performed some of their latest hits. Even though T.O.P was noticeably absent, due to his filming schedule for the motion picture “Alumni,” fans need not worry as G-Dragon filled in for the husky, voiced rapper. []

Singer Kim Bum Soo has been closely observing G-Dragon? [NEWS]

Singer Kim Bum Soo has been keeping a close eye on Big Bang‘s G-Dragon. On the May 25th episode of SBS ‘Go Show‘, guest Kim Bum Soo shared the differences between himself and the Big Bang member. “When signing autographs, G-Dragon humbly signs his name like a true star, and maybe gives them a small nod,” he said. Kim Bum Soo then explained that when fans ask for his autograph, he excuses himself and gets on one knee to sign the autograph. []

Tuesday Night TV (22 May 2012)

I can’t believe it, Rachael got what she wanted and I mean wow, this was a great season finale and I wanted to cry a bit.  I wonder if the seniors are really leaving the show or what’s going to happen.  Anyway I loved the song numbers in this episode especially the one at the end.  The graduation part was super cheesy and over all I think that this was a very good episode and I loved it a lot.  It was []

The Dictator

Okay, now this, this was a hilarious movie, I liked it a lot, I mean there were a lot of really wrong things but overall it was clever.  This movie isn’t just mocking dictators, but it is also mocking policies and our government and well, quite frankly, it was witty, clever and over all hilarious.  I could have done without some scenes however, as well as without some of the vulgarity, but I would still watch this movie again.  This is not []

T.O.P’s Interview with 10Asia [NEWS]

Here is a n excerpt of the interview with T.O.P: Because they ‘ain’t like any other guys,’ Big Bang sang in their song that ‘a girl who met the bad boys was in pain.’ However, because they were different from a slew of other idol groups, they became a ‘good’ group. A rapper does not break dance or the whole team does not move in perfect order like soldiers but the people remember their songs and wait for their next performance. What []