Midnight Purple 3DS hitting May 20

Image 1I have never been so happy in my entire life.  Okay, that is an over exaggeration. I love the color purple (if you hadn’t already noticed).

So apparently Nintendo is adding a new color palette to their designs of their Nintendo 3DS.  The color is Midnight Purple.  The new Nintendo 3DS will arrive May 20th alongside the new game release of Mario Tennis: Power Tour.

The Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS will only be $170 dollars, originally $250.  The 68% cut is due in response to a financial statement that slashed the firm’s full-year profit forecast and announced disappointing launch sales for the 3DS.  (Sad face – poor Nintendo).

Well I will be saving up for this, there is no doubt about that.  And then…Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.  Oh yeah, this is going to be a very fulfilling summer…I hope.   Let’s cross our fingers!

Source: Game Spot

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