Motorola Wins Injunction Against Xbox 360 In Germany

By: Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU)


Motorola has just won an injunction against Microsoft in German in a case which relates to Microsoft using the H.264 video codec without the proper permissions.

Motorola are either asking for a complete ban of Microsoft products, or that Microsoft pay them $4 billion a year as a licence fee. Should Motorola win on the first request, it means that the sale of Windows 7, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and the Xbox 360 would be banned.

Despite the victory for Motorola in Germany, Microsoft is defiant. They have stated that should Motorola win, despite them being in the right, the entire internet would suffer. Over 80 percent of digital videos use the codec and Microsoft fear it could be significantly damaging.

The ruling by the German Mannheim Regional Court was just the first step in what looks to be a rather long-term battle.

Source: Gaming Union

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