Blizzard sues over HearthStone ripoff as open beta goes live

By: Eddie Makuch [UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, Blizzard announced that the open beta period for HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft had officially commenced. The game was previously only playable to those who were granted access to the closed beta. You can try the new free-to-play card game through its website today. The original story is below. As this is an open beta test, we are still very much in the testing phase as we prepare for the official launch. We []

Sony opens PlayStation Now sign-up page

By: Eddie Makuch Sony has launched a website for users interested in getting the latest information about the company’s just-announced cloud-based streaming service PlayStation Now. Leaving your name, email, address, and PlayStation Network ID will allow you to receive “exclusive information” about PlayStation Now, but no other details are available. Sony will offer a beta for PlayStation Now starting at the end of the month, but it’s not clear how the company will choose participants. Signing up at this website does not []

PS4 doesn’t support external storage

By: Eddie Makuch The PlayStation 4 will not support external storage, Sony confirmed today as part of an “ultimate” FAQ about the next-generation console posted on the PlayStation Blog. “No, this feature is not supported on PS4,” Sony said. The PS4 will, however, feature a 500GB hard drive that can be swapped out if the replacement meets various criteria. “PS4 is equipped with a 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive. Users can choose to install a new hard drive so long as []

Free-to-play Batman: Arkham Origins brawler coming to iOS

By: Eddie Makuch A free-to-play  Batman: Arkham Origins  brawler will be released on iOS and Android later this year, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment announced today. The game will be available “in the console game launch window” for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, with the Android version following during the holiday period. Batman: Arkham Origins launches for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC on October 25. The mobile version was developed by Mortal Kombat studio NetherRealm Studios, which previously created []

Ouya devs open up on sales figures for new console

By:  Jonathan Toyad Developers for the recently launched Ouya console voiced their opinions onEdge  and Gamasutra  about how each of their various titles have sold so far. Developer Matt Thorson, whocreatedTowerFall , said that the game performed well , selling 2,000 units at $15 each. “Sales have been surprisingly high for a new game on a new console. The game has definitely proven itself on Ouya, I think there’s enough demand to warrant bringing it to PC,” he said. Developer NimbleBit’s title Nimble Quest  was []

Final Fantasy Tactics S debut trailer

By: Erren Van Duine Square Enix is partnering with mobile company mobage to develop Final Fantasy Tactics S – a social game for smartphones centered around the characters from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. The commemorate the launch of the service in Japan, the game’s first trailer has been released detailing the Android and iOS title. Similar to most social games, Tactics S allows players to choose from a variety of classes and party members in the form of cards which can be []

Final Fantasy Tactics S teaser site opens

By: Andrew Ip A teaser site for upcoming title Final Fantasy Tactics has appeared on the web. reported: Square Enix has opened a new Japanese website and pre-registration for a new smartphone title called “Final Fantasy Tactics S”. This “social” game, something of a spinoff of the Ivalice Alliance, will feature designs originally created by Ryoma Ito. The game will also include races, jobs, and monsters featured in 2008′s Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift for the Nintendo DS. The Teaser website lists Final []

Square Enix announces device authentication for Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV

By:  Derek Struble Square Enix announced today that mobile authentication will soon be available for Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. The application will run on both Android and iOS devices, and it will generate one time passwords to add another layer of security to player’s accounts. Physical authenticators are available for both games, with Final Fantasy XI players able to order one online and receive Goblin Bag storage space in return. The Final Fantasy XIV authenticator came with the Collector’s Edition []

Final Fantasy Tactics comes to Android with enhanced visuals

By:  Erren Van Duine Final Fantasy Tactics has finally made its way onto the Android platform in Japan. Having seen its release on iOS back in 2011, this new version has been updated even further with the inclusion of enhanced graphics. The game’s interface has been completely overhauled, allowing for full customization with the ability to use multi-touch functionality. New screenshots show off a bit of a comparison between the original and enhanced – note the newly designed Ramza sprite and far more []

OUYA Developers Create 166 Game Prototypes In 10 Days

By:  Louis Garcia OUYA, the upcoming Android gaming console made possible through Kickstarter, recently partnered with Kill Screen to launch CREATE, a 10-day “game jam.” Teams of developers created 166 entries for the event, and now await their chance to be chosen as a finalist. Developer Phil Fish, creator of Fez, Felicia Day of The Guild, and a panel of others will choose winners from an eclectic mix of entries. A grand prize of up to $25,000 is within grasp, with developers also able []