Stay Through The Very End Of The Avengers For A Scene Almost No One Has Seen

By: Katey Rich

Most of the critics didn’t get to see it at their advance screenings, but moviegoers will be treated to an extra dose of The Avengers this weekend just when they think they’ve seen everything. You probably know by now to stay through the credits for any Marvel movie, since that’s where they toss in the Easter Eggs that set up what’s to come– Thor’s hammer at the end of Iron Man 2, the Avengers teaser after Captain America, etc. And if you stick around through the animated, fancy credits at the end of The Avengers, you’ll see what all the critics have already seen– and what I’d be crazy to spoil right here. But if you stick around, watch all the credits roll on the black screen, wait until they’re sweeping the theater– that’s when you’ll see something really special, according to Chris Campbell, who caught a screening that included one last scene:

Stay_Through_The_Very_End_The_Avengers_For_Scene_Almost_One_Has_Seen_1335970044What’s the scene? You’re definitely going to have to find out for yourself, and let us know if it is in fact the extra scene that Robert Downey Jr. said they were filming in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. Of course, there’s bound to be somewhere else on the Internet willing to spoil it, so feel free to Google away and find out the answer if that suits you. But there’s so much delight to be had in The Avengers in its actual running time– why would you deny yourself the pleasure of one last surprise before leaving the theater? I’m already itching to see The Avengers again, and while I wouldn’t normally brave the opening weekend crowds to see a movie a second time, I might be tempted just to solve the mystery of this bonus scene that’s got everybody talking.

If you’ve seen this extra scene as well, please resist the urge to spoil it in the comments. The Avengers is coming to theaters this Friday in such a glow of happiness, optimism, and sheer movie-loving joy that spoilers are against the entire spirit of the thing, don’t you think?

Source: Cinema Blend

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