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White Vita headed to Japan next month

psvita_w_71205_screenSo Sony Japan is planning a lot for the White Vita.  News confirms that Sony will release it’s new Crystal White PlayStation Vita in Japan next month.  June 28th to be specific.  The White PS Vita will be priced at ¥29,980 ($375) for the Wi-Fi/3G model, and ¥24,980 ($313) for the Wi-Fi-only model.  Seems fair enough.

Matching accessories will also be released with the consul, including an ear bud, headset, carrying pouch, leather case and strap.  And since the release is coinciding with the Sega’s Next Hatsune Miku: Project Diva, a special edition bundle will be released.  The bundle will inclde a special edition Hatsune Miku White Vita, a 4GB memory card, and of course a copy of the game.

The release of the bundle is scheduled for August 30th so if you can wait and want to I suggest you do so because the cost will be only ¥10,000 ($125).  For the rest of us however, we may have to suck it up because Sony has not released any plants to release the Crystal White Vita or the Special Edition Hatsune Miku Vita outside of Japan.

Source: GameSpot

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